24 hours Marathon Elite Challenge



April 21-22, 2018, sponsored by X Sports, Zhongyuexing and CEIBS Hubei Alumni Association, supported by Wuhan Dongxihu District Cultural and Sports Bureau, the 2nd Chinese Enterprise 24-Hour Marathon Elite Challenge was held in Wuhan Garden Expo Park!


As an alumni enterprise of the CEIBS Alumni Association, The company organized 9 teams to participate in the competition. After 24 hours of sleeplessness, crossing the day, through the fierce confrontation and game of “persistence or abandonment”, the teammates used the tenacious will, the spirit of hard work and the mutual support. The team that is responsible for each other has reached the limit and won 17 of the 66 group and individual awards of the competition, including the corporate group champion, the social elite men's champion and the non-human champion.

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