"Enterprise Tour of the finless porpoise" Public interest Science activities Tour into J.S. Machine.


As a socially responsible enterprise, J.S. Machine has been actively practicing charitable activities and its promotion in all aspects.

On the afternoon of Aug. 8, 2017, a series of lectures on "Natural View of the Yangtze River", a series of public science lectures, was also introduced to the J.S. Machine by the Alashan SEE Hubei Project Center. The parents and children of nearly 100 Jingshan employees gathered in the Industrial Park, led by several outstanding scholars into the beautiful world of the finless porpoise.




Mrs. Wang Xiao, wife of Mr. Li Jian, chairman of the board of directors, and Ms. Liu Yuanyue, assistant to the chairman of the board, welcomed all scholars, guests and parent-child families who came to participate in the event on behalf of J.S. Machine. It was meaningful for Jingshan to be able to participate and it was also a great pleasure to have an interesting event.

The head of the Yangtze River Ecological Conservation Foundation's project, Dr. Qian Jicheng, introduced some of the finless porpoises' knowledge and reported on the progress of the current project to save the finless porpoise.

Meng Xianyou, deputy secretary general of the Hubei Astronomical Society, shared his knowledge of astronomy. Teacher Meng's poetical lecture gave the whole class a new understanding of the sky, and the children in the interactive segment were active to raise questions. The fun mini Game projected the cute image of the finless porpoise into the child's heart and planted a seed of love. In the future, they will be the hope to protect the finless porpoise.

The success of the event drew closer the distance between the Yangtze River finless porpoise and the J.S. Machine, and helped to win more people's support for keeping the Yangtze River's smile. We are looking forward to more friends and children to pay attention to the finless porpoise, caring for life Yangtze River, participating in "99 Public Welfare Day" activities.

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