J.S. Machine visited the Poor Families.


"Uncle, are you all right?  We're about to celebrate the New year. Are you ready for the New year? This is the rice , oil and red envelopes for you . "

“Thank you so much for caring us. Thank you so much. Thank you.”

When 15 poor families took over from Minister he Xiaoping, Vice Minister Wu astronomical, and Director Pan Qingming the national treasure bridge rice, oil and consolation money, gratitude was beyond expression.

At about 2: 00 p.m. on February 10, 2015, he Xiaoping, head of the United Front work Department of the Jingmen Municipal Committee, Wu astronomical, vice minister, Pan Qingming, director of Hubei J.S. Machinery Co., Ltd., and others, arrived at Guanshan Village, Chaihu Town, Zhongxiang City. Under the leadership of the village secretary, Quan Qingpo, they visited 15 poor families in the village who were old, weak, sick and disabled, and sent the New year's gift of love and condolences.

During the visit, the leaders visited the new party members' mass service center in the village. Minister he Xiaoping gave high praise to the 500000 capital contributed by the J.S. Machine. He Xiaoping said: "Jingmen entrepreneurs and the general public have a charitable heart and are keen on charity, but because of their busy work, they usually do not have time to have contact and understand these difficult groups." J.S. Machine played an exemplary role.


During the 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival, the leaders of J.S. Machine came to Guanshan Village, Chaihu Town again, to send holiday money to the poor families in the village. J.S. Machine has been committed to devote to charity, pay attention  back to society. In the future, J.S. Machine will certainly play an important role in guiding individuals, companies to do the charity and make the society much better.

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