Li Jian, Deputy to the National People's Congress, Helped the Poor


What is the situation of poverty alleviation in poor villages, and what difficulties and problems do poor households have? According to the arrangement of the activities of the Jingshan delegation to extricate them from poverty, Li Jian, chairman of J. S. Machinery Co., Ltd, came to Yangjiachong Village, the town of Songhe Town, where poverty alleviation was linked, and analyzed the situation on July 25, . He thought visiting farmers will solve the problem.

How is the life support? Has the poverty alleviation policy been implemented? what are the difficulties? After arriving at the village, Li Jian visited three poor households, including Gao Mee, and visited one of them. He carefully understood the causes of poverty, the development of industry and the implementation of policies, and what difficulties and problems there were in production and daily life and sent  each poor households 500 yuan condolences. After learning that the poor Kao Mee and her wife were J.S. workers and that his husband was left unattended by a car accident and raised her son to school alone, Li Jian immediately said that he would grant subsidies to workers and staff and helped solve the tuition and living expenses of their children. In the poor Yang Huihong family, Li Jian encouraged him to build up confidence in life, apply for poverty alleviation and small loans to develop industries, and get rid of poverty and become rich soon.

"Since we launched our efforts to overcome poverty and tackle problems, we have conscientiously implemented various policies to help the poor and vigorously developed the bagged mushroom and photovoltaic power generation industries, but there still exists problems such as weak infrastructure at the village level and lack of industrial funds," he said. After hearing the report of the village leaders, in view of the problem of large funding gap in the construction of the Baizhu River Bridge in the village, Li Jian immediately declared that he funded 500000 yuan of the village to solve the gap fund for the bridge repair, which would solve the travel difficulties of nearly 2000 villagers.

“As a deputy to the National people's Congress, I have the responsibility and obligation to play a role and contribute to the realization of the goal of eradicating poverty.” In view of the difficulties in getting rid of poverty in the village, he said that the children of the poor families in the village should be included in the light airport education fund to help them, to give priority to recruiting the children of the poor families to the enterprises for employment, to give play to the role of the national treasure bridge rice leading enterprises, and to promote the development of the village's agricultural industry, working with government departments to help poor villages get out of poverty as scheduled.


Though it was tough in life, but Li Jian’s deep concern made the villagers happy.

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